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What’s a brand?

Your brand is who you are, what you stand for, what separates you from your competition (that’s your superpower), and the feeling people get about you.

It’s the promise you make about what you uniquely deliver to your customers or clients.

You can’t hide your authentic brand (everybody already knows what it is) but when you know it and can describe it out loud, you’ll be living your superpower on purpose instead of by accident.

What’s NOT your brand?

Strictly speaking, your logo, website, and marketing materials are the part of your brand “brand design” or “brand identity.” Your brand is what you define before you make logos or build websites.

Logos, website designs, business cards, etc. come AFTER you know what you do and how to describe it.

What’s a “superpower”?

“Superpower” is the word I used to describe a brand’s ‘point of differentiation’ (POD). Your POD is the quality is what makes you different from your competition. There are many coaches, consultants, artists, designers, and business owners, but only you do what you in a particular way.

Your superpower is what only you bring to the party.

It’s important to know what yours is – everybody has one – because it’s why people would hire you rather than the other guy.

WHEN should you define your brand?

In a perfect world, you define your brand before you design your website, create your logo, and order your business cards.

By defining your brand first, you’ll be able to answer all the questions your web and graphic designer needs answers to so they can build a design that’s truly aligned with who you are. 

It’s time to revisit your brand message if your business is struggling, if you’re “wearing a lot of hats,”  if you’re attracting the wrong clients – or no clients – or if you’re thinking about moving in a new direction.

WHY should you define your brand?

Because that’s the foundation for everything you do. If you’re the owner of your business – and you are the owner even if you call yourself a freelancer – your business’s brand is you. 

When you know you brand, you have a road map, compass, and grounding for everything you do.

When you know who you are, what you stand for, and how to describe it, the magic happens with your business. 

Brand confusion = business confusion.

How do you define your brand message?

In a series of small steps done in precisely the right order in my brand and business coaching programs.

Defining and expressing your a brand is like writing a profile for online dating: You want to attract who you want to date and not who you don’t.

What’s the payoff for investing money and taking time to define your brand and build your business?

You end up with a business you love and attract the clients you want to work with. And they’ll pick you because they’ll know that what you’re really offering is what they want.

Ask for help.

It’s a lot easier and much more fun to work with me and others to crystallize your vision for your work or business.

You’ll tell me what my brand is, right?

Nope. I have no answers.

What I do have is really, really good questions and a relentless spirit. I will stand by you 100 percent while you do the deep digging into what drives you.

The right words – your core brand message – are already there. I help you see them.

We are partners in the discovery of the ‘what’ and the creation of the ‘what’s that look like?’

Maggy, how do you help me with this?

I bring all my training as a CTI coach, all my experience as a radio and TV reporter for CBS News, a website content manager, a user experience analyst, writer, and world traveler — plus everything I’ve learned from all the clients I’ve worked with — to your brand coaching.

I don’t write your elevator pitch or define your brand for you. Because I have, as my clients say, “a way with words,” I work with you to discover which words do it perfectly for you.

I don’t do sleazy marketing lingo. Your shiny new words are authentic, from your heart, and just the truth.

Your job is to use these simple, compelling words everywhere — in investor pitches, on your website, on job, at networking events, in line at the supermarket — wherever you spread the word about what you do and how it benefits your clients. What’s important is that you say it everywhere. That’s when the magic happens.

Ready to know the truth about your brand and your business? Let’s get started.