If you’re like me, you get 17 new book recommendations every day for how to start, grow, market, or brand your business. Here are my recommended best books for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get you started, get your head straight, and get on the path doing the right steps in the right order.

I recommend that all of my clients read these six brand, business, marketing and creativity books so we’re on the same page about concepts and principles related to branding and building your business.

  • Purple Cow: Seth Godin – What makes you so special? Godin writes simply and clearly about the elements of your unique brand. What do you stand for? You need to know this to rock your business.
  • Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us: Seth Godin – None of us can do what we do alone AND others are waiting for us to show up and live our superpower. This book will reshape how you think about showing up in the world and make you want to.
  • Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear: Elizabeth Gilbert – How do we keep growing, challenging ourselves, doing new things and showing up 100 percent? It’s scary, right? I heard Gilbert talk about this at a conference last summer and bought it the minute it came out. Big Magical Tip: There’s no such thing as controlling, managing, or getting over your fear of flying high. I love how she created a relationship with fear that allows her to keep creating anyway.

What books do you consider must-reads for entrepreneurs and small business owners? Add your recommended reading in the comments below.