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Craft an elevator pitch that magnetically attracts the right clients.

Your elevator pitch is your brand out loud.

The Sayings of Chairman Maggy

Ready to have a concise elevator pitch that tells people who you are and what you offer?

Want people to understand the benefits they get from working with you?

Need clarity about what you do, who you help, and discover what separates you from the competition?

Do you believe in what you do, know you’re good at it, but you feel wobbly when you talk about your work?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions,

Pitch Power ® : Craft an Elevator Pitch That Attracts Clients is for you!


Yes! I'm ready to get clarity about my pitch!

Maggy Sterner Brand & Business Coach

I’m Maggy Sterner and I’m a brand and business coach.

I help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals learn how to say the words to describe what they do out loud so they become magnetic AF to the people they want to attract.

It’s not about being brag-gy, boastful, or insincere.

We’re not in the “convincing” or “persuasion” business.

TRUE FACT: What you do and how you help people is always just the truth. It’s that simple.

I help you get extreme clarity about your brand marketing message. – irrevocable, unwavering, until-the-end-of-time clarity.

I’ll show you how to craft a solid marketing message by just telling the truth. It’s that simple.

My superpower is hearing all the words rattling inside your head, pulling out the right ones so YOU can see them, and showing you that you had clarity the whole time. It’s impossible to see your brilliance by yourself.

Want clients? Learn how to say what you do, short and sweet. Want to be known as the go-to person for the magic you bring? Tell people in a way they can understand.

Ready to let go of confusion and fear about owning your brand message? Want to  feel confident and excited about spreading the gospel about your superpowers? 

I want that for you, too. 

Yes! I'm ready to get clarity about my pitch!




Yes! I'm ready to get clarity about my pitch!


  • Dates of the program: Every Wednesday, Nov. 6 – Wednesday, Dec. 11, at Noon ET/9am PT.

  • Every class will be recorded so you have access it to it in case you can’t be there and to access in the future.

  • After you join, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group, Camp Superpower, where you can ask me or anyone in the group for help, suggestions, and feedback. Group mind melds are magic!

  • MAGGY MOJO BONUS: Every Friday you’ll get more coaching in a 30-minute open office hour with me! 


Yes! I'm ready to get clarity about my pitch!



Week 1: Why do people need you?
What’s the problem people have that you help them with? What promised land do they want to be in? I’ll show you how to get out of the speculation business and start doing solid market research with your ideal clients.

Week 2: What do you call yourself?
There’s a shingle on your door. What does it say? What words would people use if they were trying to find you? I’ll guide you to choose a title for yourself that helps people understand what you do. With me and the group reflecting it back to you, you’ll get the definitive job title. It’s not forever. It’s just for now.

Week 3: Who do you serve? 
I call this, “Who’s the who?” This is where we’ll drill down into your target audience and clarify a niche within it. I promise: Choosing a niche will EXPAND the potential size of the people you help.

Week 4: What benefits or results do they get from working with you?
There’s something really big your people want to have, be or do after working with you. This is the solution they want to their problem. You’re not selling services, packages, programs, or widgets. You’re in the transformation business.

Week 5: What difference does this benefit or result make?
This is the big kachinga. It’s the “so that … “. This is the real reason they’ll hire you. You’ll learn how to build this sweet, sweet payoff into your elevator pitch. It’s the kablammie at the end of your elevator pitch. This is where your ideal clients will say, “Yes! Help me now!” and hire you.

Week 6: Pitch!
It’s show time! Everyone will deliver their pitch to the group, get feedback, and rock the house. You will know who you are, what you do, who you serve, and why clients should work with you. You’ll feel confident. You’ll feel excited. You’ll have clarity. It will be awesome. 


Yes! I'm ready to get clarity about my pitch!

How to Join

  • Option 1: Group online class only – $497

    • Six 90-minute group coaching sessions with Maggy via Zoom and recorded so you can access it forever.
    • Weekly 30-minute Maggy Mojo open group Q & A time for all participants. 
    • Private Facebook group where you can connect, learn, share learning and grow your community. 

  • Option 2: VIP Master Class + one-on-one support from Maggy – $997

    The VIP program includes everything above, PLUS 

    • Two 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Maggy via Zoom and recorded so you can access it forever.
    • Text and Trello access to Maggy whenever you need it. 

Yes! I'm ready to get clarity about my pitch!

What people say after they get brand clarity with an elevator pitch

“Before you helped me, I felt like had to give an elaborate explanation with all the 25 things I do. Now I’m excited! I want to explore this, all the nuggets. You helped me talk it through, observing my stream of consciousness and bringing it together in a way I couldn’t see myself.”

Nicolle Bennett, SalesForce Customization Specialist

“You helped me articulate my strengths and value added. You have a gift for coaxing out the “a-ha” moments!

Alex Suchman, AIS Collaborations

“I’d been feeling stuck and overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff connected to my messaging/branding. After working with Maggy, I had soooo much more clarity about my niche, brand and project prioritization.”

Sheri Guyse, Big Bravely Coaching

“I finally defined myself and my business. I can’t wait to move forward! I want to tell the whole world I discovered something special about my business. I feel so much joy just thinking about it.”

Cathy Shao, owner Tea Spas

Clarify your brand message

“Just off my mastermind training call where Maggy Sterner was our guest expert in writing the Elevator Pitch. SHE EXPLODED THE ZOOM ROOM!!!! People were kissing her feet they loved her so much.”

Natalie Hill, business coach

Yes! I'm ready to get clarity about my pitch!

What you’ll end up with at the end of this master class

  • Words that describe what you offer to the people who need you and how the results they’ll get.


  • Feeling grounded in who you are and what you do. 


  • Rest assured your pitch is clear, succinct and powerful


  • Clients! People who are need you and are waiting for you to show up and be seen

  • Clarity about your brand, your target audience, your niche

  • A comfortable, casual yet effective way to introduce what you do that connects with people

  • More confidence and courage to speak my words out in the world, anywhere, any time


Ready? Let’s go.