“I don’t know what to talk about in my social media/email marketing !” — here are some ideas:

Every month has a boatload of commemorative days, sometimes the entire month has a topic. In the U.S., March is Women’s History Month.

So I might write something about “women who spoke up/stood for their brand/message no matter what the cost because that’s what it takes to change the world.”

And then I would pose a question at the end: “What message do you stand for in how you serve with the work you do? What stops you from sharing it straight-up, no holdbacks? What specific fear stops you?”

This relates to the work I do: Know who you serve and what you do, have the courage to say it out loud with no holdbacks. That’s what works if you want to become known as the go-to person for what you do.

Here’s a calendar for crazy holidays for every day of the year (I have no idea who rounded these up).

Go have fun with your message! Personally, I can’t wait for Sept 19: How to Talk Like a Pirate When You Say Your Elevator Pitch 🥳

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