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Major props to Ms. Maggy Sterner!! She is seriously so good at helping us to recognize and describe our gifts as coaches! 

Maggy was so right – it was RIGHT in front of my face and I didn’t even see it…

Melanie Lennon
I was really frustrated because I know what I have to offer is powerful but the way I described it didn’t seem to translate. 

You gave me the much-needed perspective to get to the “heart” of what I do and recognize where the disconnect was happening between my messaging and my target audience.

RM Harrison
Let’s talk about Maggy Sterner for just a second. I had an amazing session with that superhero. I’d been feeling stuck and overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff connected to my messaging/branding.

After working with Maggy, I had soooo much more clarity about my niche, brand and project prioritization.

This lady has a gift and I really encourage you to snatch up some of her time if you aren’t exactly sure of who you are as a coach and who you REALLY want to be serving. Every time we get better at that piece, the rest of it gets way easier.

Sherri Guyse

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