Here’s what people say after working with me:

Marli Williams, founder Camp Yes For Women ::
“Before I spoke with Maggy about the branding message for Camp Yes for Women I was stuck about how to talk about it in a compelling way. It was so hard to articulate this vision out loud and in writing.

Now I have a clear mission and vision statement that feels like it fully represents what camp is and what we stand for and I have a clear message to put out into the world. Thank you so so much Maggy for bringing your magic and for help me shine! You are the BEST!”

Marli Williams,
Coach, motivational speaker, adventurous entrepreneur &
founder, Camp Yes for Women

Sheri Guyse“Let’s talk about Maggy Sterner for just a second. I had an amazing session with that superhero. I’d been feeling stuck and overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff connected to my messaging/branding.

After working with Maggy, I had soooo much more clarity about my niche, brand and project prioritization.

This lady has a gift and I really encourage you to snatch up some of her time if you aren’t exactly sure of who you are as a coach and who you REALLY want to be serving. Every time we get better at that piece, the rest of it gets way easier.”

Sherri GuyseBig Bravely Coaching & Connection

Shala Graham, Shala Photography“Maggy is such a delight to work with. She brings high energy and straight shooting to help you push past all the things rumbling around in your head to get to the branding revelation you’ve been dying for! She’s the real deal! Hire her now!”

Shala Graham, Shala Photography



Alexandra Suchman, AIS Collaborations
“You helped me articulate my strengths and value added. You have a gift for coaxing out the “a-ha” moments!

Your enthusiasm and encouragement is the perfect motivator during the challenging, frustrating, and sometimes demoralizing process of self-discovery and business formation.”

Alexandra Suchman, AIS Collaborations

Linda Howard, Howard Consulting LLC
“For 11 years, I’ve struggled to answer the question about what I do . . . after our session today, I’ll be able to really own it, feel confident in it and be able to describe what I do, who I do it for, and why . . . I”m in a much better position to stand there and own what I do ‘like a boss’- as you would say.”

Linda Howard, Howard Consulting LLC

Leslie Zucker, Coach
“Before I worked with Maggy, I had so much heavy text on my website, it was hard to understand how I helped clients. Maggy helped me trim my words down to their essence. Now I’m more confident when people see my website, they’ll know how I can help them!”

Leslie Zucker,

Amanda Hirsch, Good Things Consulting
“Fellow business owners: If you are looking to go deeper, to align your work with your innermost values, and to make your business a true expression of yourself…please run, do not walk, to a workshop with Maggy Sterner Brand Coach. I had the privilege of taking one this morning and feel so energized and clear-headed as a result; Maggy’s gift is to really see who you are and help you put it into words that act as a mission statement to fuel everything you do.”

Amanda Hirsch, Good Things Consulting

Lisa Martin, TV producer

“Oh my God! I feel like I’ve gone through a metamorphosis, like I started the conversation as a caterpillar and now I’m a butterfly. I feel like my heart’s been opened. I could not get this stuff straight in my head, and for you to pull this out of me was amazing. The Lisa you found is exactly the Lisa I needed.

“This was a spiritual experience for me. You were able to show me what was there all the time. You were able to find what was inside me and bring it out of me. Thank you because I couldn’t have done it myself. I feel like I gave birth!”

Lisa Martin, TV Producer/Production Coordinator

Casey Drogin, freelance animator & illustrator
“If you ever want your whole life held bare naked in front of you and spanked into action, call my mother.”

An unsolicited text (really!) from my son, Casey Drogin,
telling me how he describes me to his friends.

“You have the ability to listen carefully, translate it and play it back. You have the ability to synthesize extremely well, and pull things out, repeat it, and codify it…in a clear and bottom-line way. You kept me focused and on task.”

– Chris C.

“This has been wonderful for me.  It’s been very illuminating….What surprised me were the revelatory feelings I had about myself.  I didn’t think this would be a session that would be similar, if not superior, to a session with a psychologist.  I don’t get the kinds of questions from him that I got from you today.”
– Bob P.

“You helped me piece together my story and understand myself better. I got more clarity and insight about who I am and what my saboteurs are, and how everything is intertwined and connected like I’ve never gotten it before.”

I could feel you were completely into it with me, on my side, helping me get it down. I’ve had a lot–tons of stuff–running around in my head. But when I’m forced to put it into words and have it make sense…it makes me excited. I realize, ‘That’s what my job is!‘”
– Denise A.