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Live your superpower ® : Free, live branding and business master class for small businesses hosted by brand & business coach, Maggy Sterner


Niche Power: Narrow Your Niche to GROW Your Audience

Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 12:00 PM ET (U.S.)


Maggy Sterner
Maggy Sterner
Maggy is a brand and business coach. She helps small business owners and nonprofits discover the essence of their brand message and find the words to talk about it. When they can describe what they do clearly, their target audience hires them. #liveyoursuperpower #themagichappens
  • I want to help almost everyone but it’s killing my private practice.

  • When I’m a new business, how do I figure out my niche when I don’t have proven success yet?

  • How can I narrow down my niche without being too narrow?

  • How do I know a specific niche won’t limit me?


What You’ll Learn


  • What a niche is

  • What a niche isn’t

  • Why it matters DEEPLY that your niche is narrow

  • How to choose one that will be fun, fulfilling, and deliver paying clients

Who’s This For?


  • Entrepreneurs, small business owners, small nonprofits

  • Anyone who says, “I want to help EVERYONE!”

  • Anyone who’s struggling to attract the right clients

Yes! Sign me up!

What’s Live your superpower ® LIVE! ?

Live your superpower ® LIVE! is a monthly master class and talk show series where I bring in guests who know their s**t to share their knowledge so we can thrive as small business owners.

I said “thrive” not “survive.” I believe learning from the masters is the fastest way to grow your business.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to do a show. I also love learning new things and sharing information. With Live your superpower ® LIVE!, I’ve channeled my passions into this live master class. 

Right steps, right order

My guests and I will break down the moving parts for ONE topic so you can  get out of overwhelm, walk away with real tools and tips, and have something you can use right now to move your business forward.

Want to be a guest? Know someone?

This isn’t the place for Death By PowerPoint.

The number one requirement for being a guest on my show is that you have a passion for what you do, dynamism, a way with words, and a sense of fun. 

If you’re that person, or you know someone who is. get in touch.

Here’s the deal: None of us can do this entrepreneur thing alone. You’re not alone. Your helpers are waiting for you to ask.

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