What’s Your Life’s Purpose? Ask My Cat.

As I work with clients to get clarity about their brands and lives (tip: those are the same thing), we dance with the core question: What’s my purpose? What’s my calling.

The truth is: you already know.

Great. But how do you get to the magical ‘aha,’ instigate the lightning-bolt moment, the coup de foudre, about your totally-true-no kidding-whether-you-like-it-or-not life’s purpose?

I saw the way into that moment the other day while watching my cat, Butters.I watch my cat a lot casually because he’s so adorable, but this time I did it on purpose.

Here’s what Butters told me:

Do what comes naturally. Butters’ life’s work looks like this: wander around, look in the storm drain, lie under the car when it’s hot and sunny, eat food, and go where the spirit moves him.

Here’s how we can tell it’s his true calling:

  • He never groans as he gets up in the morning. He doesn’t drag his paws getting off the bed or his cat perch.  He doesn’t wish it were Friday. There is no Friday in Buttersville.
  • Butters never comes back wrung out from doing his life’s work every day. He doesn’t need a glass of wine to recover from doing his job. He doesn’t bite me because he had a shitty day.
  • He doesn’t complain over dinner about how that Charlotte cat from across the street gave him the stink eye, or plot revenge against her.
  • Butters doesn’t talk to himself at three a.m. about what he should have said when that orange tabby tried to get into his cat door.

Butters is always in the moment, doesn’t worry about how to fill his time, and follows his instincts.  His life is good if he’s lying in the sun.

The Big Aha/Duh:

What if the place to look for our own life’s purpose is in what we do naturally, without struggling, without trying, because it’s who we are and what we were born to do?

Just like Butters, you and I are already naturally doing our ‘job’ in the world is, even if it’s not what we do every day for money. We can’t help ourselves.

Some people are born knowing who they are and their life’s purpose. My son is one of those people. The rest of us spend a lot of time “trying” to figure it out. We “work” very hard at this.  It’s exhausting for us and everyone around us.

What if the answer is already known?  It’s right there in what we hunger for and what people keep coming back to us for more of. It’s the thing we can’t stop ourselves from doing.  And, no, we don’t get to rob convenience stores because we feel like it.

Our life’s purpose contributes something bigger than us. It makes a difference and creates something from nothing. We’re in the flow when we’re doing it and time stops.

Where do you start looking? Notice what drives you crazy, the thing you want to fix in the world, what you want for people, and what you call forth in people because only you have that superpower.

I’d love to hear your revelation story about how you found your true calling…your life’s purpose –especially if it was something you thought you’d never do, but that’s where your spirit pulled you.