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Hi! I’m Maggy Sterner.

I’m a branding coach and business coach for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

My clients are coaches, consultants, creatives, healers, the woo-woo crowd, and business professionals who struggle to articulate what they do, online or out loud.

I guide them to clarity about what they offer, to focus their audience and niche, and then we create the foundation for their business or career: create simple, clear words to talk about it so they attract perfect clients.

My clients come to me knowing what they do – they’ve already been doing it – but confused about how to articulate it with confidence.

They don’t know which words to say and which words to leave out.

What they don’t know is how to tell their story in a short, clear, succinct, heartfelt way. That’s where I come in.


When you know who you are (and who you’re not), what you offer, who you serve, the problems you solve, and the results you deliver, marketing is super easy and fun because you know what you do, who you serve, and you have non-sales-y, no-bragging-required words to magnetize the right people.

My clients come to me knowing what they do – they’ve already been doing it – but confused about how to articulate it with confidence. They don’t know which words to say and which words to leave out.



I believe our businesses should support our lives. My business fits into my life.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen on purpose. Over time, I designed my business to my specifications.

I want you to have that, too: A business you love, doing what you love for people you love working with.

I love helping my clients create businesses that are fun to run, that deliver consistent income, and magnetize perfect clients.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

After a workshop in San Diego, Ca.

The ladies of Hera Hub in San Diego, Ca. after my Pitch Power workshop.

Testimonials / Happy Clients

“I appreciate your magical intuition and ability to get to the core of a message/mission.”

– Naomi V.

“Maggy is fantastic and will change the way you approach your brand. You should hire her.”

– Courtney Sieloff, Asana Creative Strategy

“If you want someone to cut it to you straight: talk to her. If you’re looking for someone to tell you it’s okay and everything is roses? Look elsewhere…Maggy knows what she knows and is going to make sure you’re headed in your right direction. Don’t know what you’re doing? Talk to Maggy.”

– Cassie Venneau

“Once I followed Maggy’s clear methodology for crafting a killer elevator pitch coupled with her coaching me through its refinement, I know I hit solid gold!”

– Shala Graham Photography

How my experience helps you

I bring my training as a CTI coach and my experience as a radio and TV reporter for CBS News, a multilingual website content manager, an online user experience analyst at NPR, a writer, and a world traveler – plus everything I’ve learned from clients I’ve worked with – to our branding and business coaching relationship.

I can walk into the middle of a story (whether it’s a military coup, an erupting volcano, or your brand), see the essence of what’s going on, and translate it into words even your mom can understand.

My superpower is my ability to hear through your blah-blah and extract the bottom line.

My real job is to be the translator, detective, and brand clarity expert who listens deeply to hear into what you really do so you can hear it too.

Find out more on my LinkedIn page.

Ready to have brand clarity, the words to talk about it, and the confidence to stand for your brand?

Maggy meets Hillary Clinton, 1992

Maggy working in local TV news as an audio tech.

Many jobs, one superpower.

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