Know Yourself. Define Your Game. Go.

Your brand is who you are, how the world sees you and how you see yourself. It’s your north star and the tent poles for your life.

Maggy Sterner helps you discover your life’s calling, define the game you’re really playing, and get inspired to take on the challenges to play it.

In her one-on-one Define Your Game branding workshop, you’ll uncover the words that describe who you are, and why you do that thing only you do.

“Oh my God! I feel like I’ve gone through a metamorphosis, like I started the conversation as a caterpillar and now I’m a butterfly. I feel like my heart’s been opened.”
– Lisa M.

“If you ever want your whole life held bare naked in front of you and spanked into action, call my mother.”
– An unsolicited text from my son, telling me how he describes me to his friends.

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Who should do the Define Your Game branding workshop?

~ Anyone who wants to move on from a job, relationship, or life situation that’s keeping them stuck.

~ Anyone who wants to know their life’s calling , describe it perfectly, and chart the course to get there.

~ People who want to discover the game they’re really playing and want the summon up the courage to go for it.

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