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Discover Your Brand Workshops - Annapolis & Washington, D.C.

What’s your brand? How do you know? Your brand isn’t your logo or your website. It’s the feeling people get about what you do. It’s reflected in the clients you work with. It’s how you show up in the world.

Your brand is the expression of your superpower. You can’t hide it but you can take ownership of it.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to discover who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for, sign up for the workshop in Annapolis, Md. on Sept. 30 or in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 14.

Your future is waiting for you to take a stand.

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Know yourself. Define your game. Go. - Coaching for your personal brand.

Your brand is who you are, how the world sees you and how you see yourself.  A great brand starts with knowing who you are.

Maggy Sterner guides entrepreneurs and small businesses to create their authentic personal brand.

In her branding workshops, you’ll discover the words that describe who you are and why you do that thing only you do.

“Oh my God! I feel like I’ve gone through a metamorphosis, like I started the conversation as a caterpillar and now I’m a butterfly. I feel like my heart’s been opened.” – Lisa M.

“I didn’t think this would be a session that would be similar, if not superior, to a session with a psychologist. I don’t get the kinds of questions from him that I got from you today.” – Bob P.

“If you ever want your whole life held bare naked in front of you and spanked into action, call my mother.”
– An unsolicited text from my son. This is how he describes me to his friends.

When should you get coaching to define your personal brand?

If you’re having a hard time settling on the one thing you do.
When you talk about yourself, you say you ‘wear many hats’ or you describe yourself with more than one adjective (“I’m an author/speaker/photographer/coach”) or it takes you more than two sentences to describe it.

If you beat around the bush when you talk about yourself.
This happens when you have to give an elevator pitch or describe what you do to individuals and groups. You say things like: “I’m sort of  …” or you think, “I can’t use the real word I tell myself about what I do.”

If you’ve been doing a thing for a while and you’re not sure if it’s your thing anymore.
You don’t talk about what you do with feeling and passion and you’re not feeling the love for it in your heart.

When you’re tired of hearing yourself talk about what you’re going to do and you’re ready to name the game you’re really playing.

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