How to build your small business:
Do the right steps in the right order.
Here they are:

Brand workshops for small business owners.

Why work with me to define your brand and create your business?

Because I'll help you see what's in your blindspots so you can discover who you are.

Because when we’re done, you’ll know what you do and how to describe it clearly so you can live your superpower.

Because I've got your back.

Here’s what people say after they’ve worked with me:

“Before I worked with Maggy, I had so much heavy text on my website, it was hard to understand how I helped clients. Maggy helped me trim my words down to their essence. Now I’m more confident when people see my website, they’ll know how I can help them!”
“Maggy’s gift is to really see who you are and help you put it into words that act as a mission statement to fuel everything you do.”
Amanda Hirsch, Good Things Consulting
“If you ever want your whole life held bare naked in front of you and spanked into action, call my mother.”


Ready to do the thing you keep saying you’re gonna do?
Get your brand clarity on.