You know how you’re listening to live music and something feels off? You understand the words but you can feel in your bones that there’s an untuned instrument or a chord that’s off key.

When you tell someone what you do – how you help them solve a problem – and they look confused or go, “hm. that’s interesting,” or run off to freshen their drink, that means something is off in your “music.”

The right words + energetic “music” (the part where you are laser clear about what you do and own the shit out of it) = attract clients and make da monies.

Yes, our words matter. I believe our words create our reality (that’s a different workshop).

If your energy is out of alignment with your words, you know it. You feel it.

Your passion keeps falling off the porch and you can tell your message isn’t being received in the way you intend.

The people who need you – the ones listening for your words and music – can feel something is off, too.

This may sound all woo-woo but I believe it’s part of quantum physics – things vibrate in harmony because it can’t be otherwise.

When you hit that harmonious place of the right words aligned with “you-know-in-your-DNA-what-you-do-and-own-the-shit-out-of-it,”

⚡️ the right clients appear out of thin air (that’s happening to me right now)

⚡️You’ll get perfect referrals.

⚡️Marketing – just telling the simple truth about what you offer and believe – becomes a lot less stressful.