Who among us has ever thought: “Who am I to coach, consult, teach, train anyone? What do I know?” It’s Women’s History Month so let’s take a non-cooking lesson from beloved American icon, Julia Child, on how to show up as an authentic brand.

For any entrepreneur (women probably more than men), who’s ever thought some variation of, “Who am I to . . .?”, remember Julia Child.

At the dawn of television in 1962, her show The French Chef debuted on Boston’s public television station, WGBH.

Child was driven by her simple mission: To demonstrate to American audiences – whose food options at the time included Swanson frozen TV dinners, canned vegetables, and Jello molds – how to make delicious French food using American ingredients.

Think you need more credentials before you can be “real” and charge “real” money to help people? Pas vrai.

🥖 Julia Child wasn’t French.

Her show was called The French Chef.  She was an American woman who’d lived in France. Her life was transformed by tasting French food, made with simple ingredients. Mostly butter. 

🥖 Julia Child wasn’t a chef.

She’d studied at the famed cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu, but had never worked as a restaurant chef. 

🥖 Julia Child was not “TV ready.”

She looked nothing like the standard-issue TV woman – blond, perky, and pretty. She was 6’2, her hair was kind of wild looking, and her voice was, well, unique.

🥖 Julia Child was driven by one burning desire: to share her love of cooking delicious French food with America.

That’s it. ONE Thing.

She owned all of it unapologetically – herself, her looks, her lack of credentials – for the sake of sharing ONE thing she cared about with others.

For anyone who’s ever thought, “Who am I?”, dare to do as Julia Child did: Show up and do what you do anyway. 

People need you just the way you are.

🇫🇷 Bon appétit! 



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