I’m on a campaign to tame The Wild Pomeranians. That’s what I call the voices in my head. They’re the limiting beliefs that keep all of us from playing our bigger game with our life and business.

Here’s the deal: The Wild Pomeranians lie, they’re annoying, they’re destructive AF – AND they’re never going away.

I met and named my Wild Poms in 1998. Their stupid yapping and nipping kept me awake at night, worrying about things that might never come to pass.

Then last night, in the middle of last night, I had a revelation (as one does):

We created the specific voices in our head – our so-called “limiting beliefs” – to protect us from some threat. They really tell us what we’re most afraid of. That’s gold.

They say things like:

– I can’t raise my rates; that’s greedy. (Safe: Don’t earn too much)

– If I tell people I’m good at what I do, that’s egotistical. (Safe: Don’t be visible)

– Who am I to … (fill in the gift you offer your clients, the one you’re afraid to own)? (Safe: Don’t stand out)

At best, we can “tame” The Wild Poms — give them names and tell them to shush.

What do your Wild Pomeranians say that keep you from sharing your gifts with the people who need you?

What are they keeping you safe from?

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