Have you ever said, “I need HOURS to tell people what I do because I do so many complicated things?” Actually, you don’t.

Brevity is the soul of clarity (Did someone already say that? If not, I’m claiming it!) and I discovered this recently when I had to write my bio – in 100 characters, including punctuation – for a speaking gig.

What to say? What to leave out? What’s the essence of the thing I do? I really had to dig deep.

Speaking succinctly is the Queen of Challenges for those of us who love to say all the things when we tell people what we do.

Mostly, that’s fear talking – fear of missing out on a client, not making money, losing out on an opportunity. Fear says this:

I don’t want to limit myself!

I do so many things!

I can help everyone with anything!

“I don’t want to exclude anyone!”

Recognized as one of the greatest speeches of all time – U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – is only 262 words (according to GoogleDocs). More words don’t equal more value. Lincoln – who was the second speaker at the occasion – even got props for his brevity.

I dare you: Take the 100 Character Challenge

You’re a smart, gifted small business owner or entrepreneur on a mission. 

You have a core gift – something only you do in the way you do it. 

You have a message you’re dying to share and your people are listening for you.

Do this: Write your business bio in 100 characters – or less. You can do it. I believe in you.

Here’s the challenge: Write precisely and truthfully so that your target audience can understand how you help THEM. We call it a “bio” but it’s not really about you. It’s about how you serve others. 

Here’s mine:

Maggy Sterner is a brand coach who delivers message clarity & confidence to talk about what you do.

Ready? Go. 

Comment and tell me your short bio. If you get stuck, let me know.


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