Everything you need to know about #entrepreneurship – sales, marketing, what separates you from the competition – from a successful 13-year old lemonade stand owner (“Entrepreneurship is hard work.”)

At the risk of plagiarising, here are the cliff notes for those without NYT access:

* “You need to get people’s attention,” says Hayli Martenez, 13 – she sells lemonade in lots of colors. BOTTOM LINE: Be visible. Stand out.

* Don’t assume early hardship means doom. The local health department shut her down. She got the law changed.

* Customers might be looking for more than just a beverage. Share your passion. Be yourself.

* Provide options with multiple serving sizes and price points. But not too many. Set a profit goal.

* Build a network of allies and supporters. We can’t do it alone. It’s also no fun.

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