This public service announcement just in: You don’t have to use “www” in your branding materials anymore. Because it’s 2021 and we nearly have flying cars now.

Not only that, you don’t have to TYPE it into a URL when you go to a website. I know. Crazy.

Excellent reasons to stop using WWW everywhere:

– In print, it eats up real estate on your business cards, magnetic car signs, billboards, swag, etc.

– Out loud, it eats up precious seconds of air time. (I’m talking to you, NPR sponsorships.)

– It eats up time if you’re typing it. You’re never getting that time back. That period at the end of “www.” has already cost you five hours.

– Nobody says “worldwide web” anymore. Or, for that matter, “information superhighway” or “cyber.” Unless you’re an old dude member of Congress. Still.

Show your brand some love and drop “www.”

You’re not still using “https://” – right?

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