You know how you know something but then you forgot you knew it? I remembered something this week after reading a friend’s post on LinkedIn: Play is also a business strategy. 

I love my work. Honestly, running a business, cooking up new products, and working with my fantastic clients is fun for me.  

Sometimes, though, it gets a little “same old, same old.” Ho hum. It feels as if the zizzz (new word alert!) is missing. Boredom is no fun.

Or I get so caught up in all the doing – and there’s always more to do –  it feels as if I can’t stop or the whole enterprise will collapse.

Living through 2020’s pandemic, quarantines, and lockdowns left me feeling disconnected, unengaged, and uninspired. 

I’d also forgotten how to get out of the house and roam around. My perimeters got really small.

As the antidote, I got out into the world recently – a multi-week trip to Oregon (work and play), a weekend away with a friend, lunch with a buddy, reconnecting with people, doing something new (just signed up for remedial knitting!) – has transformed my business and my attitude.

I came back lit up with ideas for new products, new ways to play with clients and followers because living my superpower is super fun. 

Question: How do you keep yourself “zizzz-ed” when you’re bored with your work? How do you ignite inspiration when your creative tank is low? 

Tell me everything! I love new ideas.