I’ve been driving south on the Oregon coast this week (because taking a break from work-work is good for your creativity).

We stopped in the town of Tillamook on the way, at Tillamook Creamery (what I call “The Temple of Dairy”). It’s where all the delicious cheese, ice cream, and best grilled cheese sandwich in the world comes from.

In the long-ass line for ice cream, I noticed it was hard to choose ice creams.

“That one sounds good. I like chocolate peanut butter but the marionberry pie sounds great, too.”

“What if I pick the ‘wrong’ flavor?”

Then I realized that’s what we go through as entrepreneurs when we’re trying to choose a niche – what if I make a mistake?

We can like a LOT of flavors.

We don’t want to “limit” ourselves.

We could help everyone, but who’s got the time?

Which flavor of client speaks to you right now?

There’s no such thing as a mistake when you choose a niche – and choose you must.

The more specific your niche is, the bigger the size of your potential audience becomes.

You don’t have the time – or interest – to work with everyone.

What niche do you pick?

You can always change your mind and pick another one later.

(I picked Marionberry Pie, because Oregon).



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