Raise your hand if the thought of repelling prospective clients makes you take to your fainting sofa.

It seems counterintuitive, but we actually *want* the wrong people to stay away. Here are three tips for how to make that happen.

It may seem crazy but there’s a reason you want to keep the less-than-ideal clients from contacting you: Life is short.

Your time is too precious to help “everyone.”.

If you fill your calendar with people who are “meh,” there’s no room – energetically and in actual 3D life – for the right people to show up.

It’s as if you’re telling the universe, “I have no boundaries.”

Here are three ways to magnetize (magnets attract AND repel) the right clients:

1. Speak the language that your ideal clients speak.

When people tell you what their problem is and the solution they want (the things you offer), use their words everywhere you have to market or promote yourself.
When you market from that place, you’ll connect from your heart – they’ll feel that you “get” them. We all want to get got.

2. Choose precisely who you want to work with and who you don’t.

I know – it means leaving some people out. Apple doesn’t market to “everyone.” It speaks the language of the people who want what it offers. The payoff speaks for itself.
The brand self-awareness that applies to big company brands applies to entrepreneurs and small businesses, too.

3. Dare to say what you believe about what you do.

There are things you believe about why your work matters and the benefits you deliver.
This is the magnet effect again: People who resonate with what you believe will say, “I need you” or “tell me more.”

What you believe is who you are and what your brand stands for.

Saying it out loud is what will attract perfect clients.


If you’re afraid to turn potential clients away, I can help. Let’s talk.


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