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Maggy is a brand coach and small business coach. She helps businesses and nonprofits discover the essence of their brand message then find the words to describe it so they can attract clients, donors, and live their superpower.

What Jon Stewart Taught Us About Branding (Everything)

If I were to tell Jon Stewart he's mastered the art and science of personal branding, I make up he would either mock himself and/or mock me for saying so. Whether you're a fan or not, he's compelling and commanding, a master of the conversation he's been in for the past 16 years. Why? On The Daily Show, Stewart lived his brand's promise to "tell it like it is" and he had the guts to take whatever heat came with it. When Stewart spoke, it was usually some variation of:  "We can hear what you're saying. Do you realize you're lying and exposing who you really are, right out loud? No? Well, let me play that back for you." If I were going to imagine Stewart's brand positioning statement, it might be [...]

What Jon Stewart Taught Us About Branding (Everything)2018-02-27T23:25:58-05:00

What is a Mom? Here’s What.

I wasn't one of those women who always wanted children.  I just assumed they would show up sometime in the vague future. You can't decide whether to have children by making lists of pros and cons.  It's like when you first get balance on a bicycle. When it happens, you go, "Oh, NOW I get it." Sadly, there are no test drives. You can only get the duh/aha of motherhood AFTER you have the children. Here's what I learned about what a mom is, from the two spectacular babies who taught me how to grow up. What Is a Mom? A mom is someone who will invite you into her bed when you come into her room at 2 a.m. -- it's always 2 a.m. -- saying, "I just threw up." A [...]

What is a Mom? Here’s What.2015-12-28T18:29:30-05:00

What’s Your Life’s Purpose? Ask My Cat.

As I work with clients to get clarity about their brands and lives (tip: those are the same thing), we dance with the core question: What's my purpose? What's my calling. The truth is: you already know. Great. But how do you get to the magical ‘aha,’ instigate the lightning-bolt moment, the coup de foudre, about your totally-true-no kidding-whether-you-like-it-or-not life’s purpose? I saw the way into that moment the other day while watching my cat, Butters.I watch my cat a lot casually because he's so adorable, but this time I did it on purpose. Here’s what Butters told me: Do what comes naturally. Butters’ life's work looks like this: wander around, look in the storm drain, lie under the car when it’s hot and sunny, eat food, and go where the spirit moves [...]

What’s Your Life’s Purpose? Ask My Cat.2018-02-27T23:25:58-05:00

What Makes a Great Brand? Be Yourself.

I was reading the recent Vanity Fair interview with the Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara, and this jumped off the page: "how she turned her biggest liability into gold." What liabilities? She's gorgeous, smart, and funny. And gorgeous. Forbes recently called her, "the highest paid TV actress," but most of Vergara's wealth comes from product endorsement for companies like Diet Pepsi, Head & Shoulders, AT&T, and others. She started as a single mother in Colombia and became host of Univision's Spanish-language game show A que no te atreves ("I Dare You") at Univision. at the Latino mega-communications company, Univision. Sick of having her career held hostage by Univision's hold on its talent, she partnered with another person and together - from nothing - they created their own talent management company [...]

What Makes a Great Brand? Be Yourself.2018-02-27T23:25:58-05:00
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